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Welcome to our reviews page, focusing on books predominantly featuring long poems or sequences.



Long Cuts by J.O.Morgan (CB Editions, 2011)

I knew I was going to like Long Cuts from the moment I spotted the familiar brown cover at the 2011 inaugural Free Verse Book Fair in London’s Exmouth Market – a … Continue reading »

Life Class by Glyn Hughes (Shoestring Press)

I first encountered Glyn Hughes’ poetry in 1979 when I read Best of Neighbours, his New and Selected Poems. I was twenty and looking for a poetry that spoke directly to my own … Continue reading »

A Compression of Distances by Daphne Gloag (Cinnamon Press, 2009)

A Compression of Distances by Daphne Gloag, one time medical journalist, and scholar of classics and philosophy, is a paean to her life with her late husband, to whose memory … Continue reading »

Reaching Peckham by Hylda Sims (Hearing Eye)

Reaching Peckham is a book length sequence telling the story of a group of 3 disparate Peckham citizens. It is voiced by a narrator called Lorna, who is single and … Continue reading »

A Paston Letter by Ian Parks (Rack Press)

Ian Parks seems to attract oxymoronic statements from reviewers, such as ‘powerful reticence’ and ‘tender severity’. This may be something to do with his subject matter, which is love.  Earlier … Continue reading »

Natural Mechanical by J O Morgan (CB editions 2008)

A couple of months ago a slim volume by a poet unknown to me, the cover the colour of brown wrapping paper, endorsed on the front by Simon Armitage (‘Remarkable, … Continue reading »

The Song of Lunch by Christopher Reid (CB Editions, 2009)

This is a long poem, published in a handy buff volume. It looks light and lyrical on the page, until page 59 when it expands for the one page of … Continue reading »

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